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Thank you for your interest in our egg donor program. At Express Choice, we are very proud of the work we do and sincerely appreciate your interest. Express Choice is a division of the Technical Advantage Genetics Center (TAGC). We have been helping infertile couples realize their dream of parenting for over 17 years.


Every year thousands of men and women who dream of having beautiful, intelligent, healthy babies are devastated to learn they are either infertile or carry genetic traits which would endanger the health of any child naturally conceived by them. In the US alone, the plague of infertility affects about 1.2 million people of reproductive age. Many of these couples are severely depressed and have all but given up hope of having their perfect child. They are desperate for a miracle. Thankfully, through the advances of modern biotechnology and the genetic sciences, we can indeed work miracles. We have helped thousands of couples achieve pregnancy through the use of donor eggs in combination with various ART (Advanced Reproductive Technologies) procedures, such as GIFT and IVF.



The typical donor is between 21 and 30 years of age. She has some post-secondary schooling, a master's degree, or a career, and ranges from attractive to strikingly beautiful. She must have an excellent health history and a very personal, humanitarian reason for wanting to donate a gamete. This last is determined by an intensive psychological exam and screening process. The same holds true for women who are interested in providing surrogacy services to recipient couples.


What an exciting time today's co-eds live in! As a college student, you are in a unique position to help others by helping yourself. Thanks to advancements in reproductive technology, nearly every one of you can bring your creative and enterprising efforts to new heights. Perhaps you aren’t ready to raise a child at this moment, but there are reasons why you may want to make a baby anyhow. As a young woman, you have an above average chance of having the superior genetic material that today's infertility market requires. As a college student, possessing intelligence, enterprising spirit, and competitiveness, it is more than likely that your gametes (egg cells, or sperm cells in the case of men) are genetically desirable. There’s an excellent market right now for superior gametes. Many couples have a deep desire for a child they are incapable of producing themselves. You can capitalize on the brand recognition of your school while simultaneously achieving virtual immortality and raising valuable funds for tuition!